After attack on students: NGU increases security measures in front of dormitory

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In the night of today, Saturday, 05.11.2022, three students of the Nürtingen-Geislingen University (NGU) were attacked and injured in the student dormitory in Schelmenwasen in Nürtingen by two persons not living in the dorms.

The three students were injured by knife wounds and admitted to clinics. Two students are still in hospital, one of them was in danger of dying. According to information from fellow students, a third student has since been released from the hospital. The suspected main perpetrator has been caught and brought before the magistrate. The public prosecutor's office is investigating. His companion is in the meantime again on free foot.

In an on-site meeting on Saturday evening, NGU Rector Professor Dr. Andreas Frey addressed the residents of the dormitory, shocked and deeply saddened. "You have behaved in an exemplary manner, and I am deeply impressed after this terrible act, how you help and support each other and deal with this terrible experience."

The students had provided first aid to the three injured, preventing even worse consequences. In addition, some residents had chased the attacker after the act and held him until the police arrived.

During today's event, university staff, Emergency Aftercare Service from the Red Cross and the University chaplain were on site and cared for the partially shocked students. Rector Frey informed the students that from now on a security service is on duty around the clock at the student dormitory. He assured the students that next Monday he would urge the operator of the dormitory, the Student Services Tübingen-Hohenheim, to do everything possible to ensure the safety of the students.

Rector Frey asked the students to report all concerns related to the dormitory via a central e-mail address ( He would then discuss these in conversation with the Student Services Tübingen-Hohenheim. Tanja Baumann of the Emergency Aftercare Service assured students that pastoral care services will continue. University chaplain Alexandra Holzbauer emphasized that help would be provided for all those affected, even over a longer period of time.