Nuertingen-Geislingen University is the only University of Applied Sciences in Southern Germany that offers at its campus in Nuertingen the bachelor degree program Applied Economics. It leads to the degree Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.).

"Applying economics to enhance successful business activities" sums up the goal of this study program.

Characteristics of the degree program:

  • a praxis-oriented degree program with 6 study semesters and 1 internship
  • with an emphasis on economics, methods of empirical research, business administration and key qualifications
  • possibility to study abroad or do an internship abroad
  • choice of electives (in English) from the economics as well as business administration faculty

By studying applied economics, you are well-prepared for contemporary and future challenges in professional business life. It just takes six semesters at the university and one semester directly in the business world.

From the winter semester 2016/2017 on, students can optionally achieve the degree "International Econommics (B.Sc.)" if 50 % of the ECTS are done in a foreign language.

Fast Facts

At a Glance

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) or International Economics (B.Sc.)

Time to Degree:
7 semester with an integrated internship in the 5th semester

Application Deadline Full-Time Students:
Winter Semester: 15th July
Summer Semester: 15th January

Deadline for spring/summer term:

Nomination deadline: November 15th
Application deadline: December 1st

Deadline for fall/winter term:
Nomination deadline: June 15th
Application deadline: July 1st

Language Requirements:
German, English



German Website:


Semester 1 & 2

Semester 1

  • Principles of Economics
  • Fundamentals of Empirical Economic Research
    • Mathematics
    • Business Informatics
  • Accounting and Finance
    • Investment and Finance
    • Accounting
  • Academic Competences I 
    • Self Management
    • Seminar in Economics I
    • English in Business and Economics

Semester 2

  • Microeconomics I
  • Statistical Methods
  • Management I
    • Business Process Management
    • Principles of Business Administration
  • Economics and Law
    • Institutional and Constitutional Economics
    • Private Law
  • Academic Competences II
    • Group Management (Seminar)
    • Seminar in Economics II
    • Intercultural Communications
Semester 3 & 4

Semester 3

  • Microeconomics II
  • Macroeconomics I
  • Data and Methods of Empirical Business Research
  • Marketing and Market Research
  • Economics and Politics
    • Theories of Economic Policy
    • Public Law
  • Academic Competences III
    • Seminar in Economics III

Semester 4

  • Money and Financial Markets
    • Money and Monetary Policy
    • Financial Markets
  • Macroeconomics II and International Economics
  • Empirical Analyses
  • Management Accounting and Human Resources
  • Economics and Sustainability
    • Introduction to Non-Profit-Economics and Management
    • Environmental Economics
  • Academic Competences IV
    • Project
    • Selected Topics in Business and Economics

International Degree

Besides the German degree Economics (B.Sc.), students can also opt for an international degree.

To achieve the degree "International Economics (B.Sc.)", students need to fulfill the following criteria:

  • 50 % of the total ECTS need to be taken in a foreign language
  • at least one study abraod semester
  • internship abroad or with an international content
  • elective "International Economics" at HfWU

HfWU supports the students as follows:

  • extensive and flexible choice of study abroad possibilities
  • an optional "track" in English at the home university
  • an intensive preparation for the stay abroad
  • many foreign-language possibilities
  • lectures and presentations held by foreign guest professors
  • double degree possibility at selected partner universities

Language of Instruction

Classes in this degree program are primarily instructed in German, some classes are offered in English. For more information, please refer to the German site.
However, NGU offers a wide range of English taught classes to exchange students. For more information, please refer to our English Course List for exchange students.


Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Friedemann Baisch
Professor an der Fakultät FAVM, Studiengang Volkswirtschaftslehre und Studiengang Zukunftsökonomie
Campus: CI3 422
Neckarsteige 6-10 72622 Nürtingen
Office hours: siehe neo