Applied research for sustainability of social e development - this is the principle of Nürtingen-Geislingen University (NGU). On the research map of the German Rectors´Conference,  NGU is included with two research priorities:

  • Applied Agricultural Research, Landscape Development, Environmental Planning and Nature Conservation: IAAF, ILU
  • Sustainable Management in the energy, automotive and real estate industries: ISR, IFA, ISI, IfnI

Since the integration of the University of Art Therapy into NGU in 2016, NGU has also been involved in applied research on social issues. The research activities at NGU are organized in research institutes. The Centre for Applied Research (IAF) is the service unit for all professors engaged in research. It is located in NGU’s research center at Hechinger Straße 12 in Nürtingen alongside a few research institutes and the Innovation and Methods Lab.

NGU’s research institutes include the following:

  • Institute of Applied Agricultural Research (IAAF)
  • Institute of Automotive Industry (IFA)
  • Institute for Corporate Governance (ICG)
  • Institute of Research and Development in Art and Drama Therapies (IKTn)
  • Institute for Sustainable Property Management (IfnI)
  • Institute for Landscape and Environment (ILU)
  • Institute of Urban Development and Real Estate  (ISI)
  • Institute for International Research on Sustainable Management and Renewable Energy (ISR)