Art Therapy


On March 1st 2016, the Hochschule für Kunsttherapie Nuertingen (HKT) merged with Nuertingen-Geislingen University (HfWU).

Since then,  the innovative and internationally recognised bachelor degree program Art Therapy is offered at Nuertingen-Geislingen University. It leads to the degree Bachelor of Arts (B.A.).

Based on psychodynamic principles, art therapy uses approaches, insights and impulses from the fine arts to support healing processes and personal development. The degree course is application-oriented with emphasis on both art and scientifically based therapy training using psychodynamic principles.

The course prepares for art therapy practice in many social, clinical and pedagogical areas of work. During the entire course, particular emphasis is placed on linking theory and practice and up-to-date scientific findings.

In addition to teaching art and art therapy, the course focuses on fostering social skills and personal development.

Further information can be found on the German website of HKT or Nuertingen-Geislingen University.

Fast Facts

At a Glance

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)

Time to Degree:
8 semester

Deadline for spring/summer term:

Nomination deadline: November 15th
Application deadline: December 1st

Deadline for fall/winter term:
Nomination deadline: June 15th
Application deadline: July 1st


Language Requirements:
German, English


German Website:


Course contents art therapy:

  • Art therapy in clinical and pedagogical contexts
  • Art therapy theory and target-oriented methodology
  • Basic principles of psychodynamics and developmental psychology
  • Psychotherapeutical conduct and communication
  • Scientific research, documentation and evaluation

Course contents art:

  • Individual artistic training
  • International art history/positions in contemporary art
  • Aesthetic theory/creativity theory/pictorial language/visual perception
  • One to two days a week are dedicated to this area.
  • Students are provided with their own individual studio space for the entire duration of the course
  • Course contents professional practice
  • Ethical and professional framework
  • Legal and job-specific parameters
  • Art therapy in an interdisciplinary context
  • Project workJob application training

This part of the coure is divided up into compulsory and non-compulsory seminars.

Language of Instruction

Classes in this degree program are instructed in German. For more information, please refer to the German site. However, NGU offers a wide range of English taught classes to exchange students. For more information, please refer to our English Course List for exchange students.


Professorin Eva Meschede
Professorin für Kunst und Kunsttherapie
Campus: CI11 035
Sigmaringer Str. 15/2 72622 Nürtingen