Organizational Design (M.A.)

Master Degree Program


The full-time master degree program Organizational Design is offered on the Nuertingen campus and leads to the degree Master of Arts (M.A.).

Master Organizational Design - Fit for the networked working world of tomorrow

How do you design an organization that can act quickly and flexibly in an unpredictable future?

How do you ensure that existing potential is utilized and, beyond that, synergetically networked across all levels and structures of an organization?

How do you ensure that forward-looking ideas are found, put into concrete terms and, above all, implemented in an organization despite time and competitive pressure?

In short: How should companies be designed today in order to stay ahead in a complex, dynamic environment?

The Master Organizational Design gives its students answers to these questions.

By teaching new views and approaches, as well as appropriate management techniques, students of the Master of Organizational Design gain a fundamental understanding of their future role in the working world 4.0. Through intensive project work, design approaches are jointly developed and tested in practice.